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eventually stays in Burma as a monk, helping locate and bury all Japanese dead, vowing to only return to Japan once he's finished. There's also both the Sleeves and the Zeon Remnant in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, who manage to eke out livings in various isolated places on Earth, and who band together to continue the war against the Federation in an ambitious. This was a particular problem as these holdouts were often single soldiers, resorting to guerrilla tactics against local law enforcement in fighting a war they still believed was ongoing. You can further assist them into becoming an Order Reborn by recruiting new members. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) : 16 years before the start of the series, the Shredder rebuilt the Foot Clan by converting the Hamato Clan, sans Splinter and their father, to the Foot. The game attributes their continued survival to High Inquisitor Whitemane as a Priest, she can revive the fallen. Also is Truth in Television.

What he's doing is fighting so that the people who want to stay underground can do that, at least in this particular instance. Queen : "You mean that there have been centuries of strife over a technicality?" Noble : ". The Terran Republic we see (and play as) in PlanetSide is the tiny portion of the Terran military that was stranded alongside everyone else when the wormhole to Auraxis abruptly closed. The Reptites of the Giant's Claw cross over into Lost World, while the only way to improve relations between the Humans and Fiends in 1000 AD is to take out Magus' surviving generals in 600. The Serenity comic book introduces the Dust Devils, extremist former Browncoats continuing to wage a terrorist war against the Alliance, and reveals that technically, Zoe was once one of their number she participated in a battle where neither the Alliance. He is successful in this endeavor, and survives the game. Chiang Kai-Shek initially didn't even bother to develop the Taiwanese economy or infrastructure; he didn't expect to be staying there long. Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Iron Plague : After Lokken was defeated in the first game, a small band of cultist called The Cult of Lokken still fight to restore Taros's former glory, and they are successful in reviving Lokken from the dead.

The first episode of Rutland Weekend Television has a sketch about a group of British soldiers who remain unaware wwii is over. The Galactica herself is also an example, though for the most part, they tended only to fight the Cylons when escaping wasn't immediately possible. It is rather Arendish, isn't it?" In Brothers in Arms, the villain is one of these for the Komarran resistance, rather to Miles Vorkosigan's frustration: Galen: The revolt must not die. They are something of a bogeyman for the Inner Sphere: still possessing their most elite troops, a self-sufficient industrial infrastructure, and the setting's planet killing weapon. Tokyo Metro Explorers: The Next, taking place roughly in our time, an old man living under Tokyo still believes wwii continues, and is obsessed about the mission given to him.

Kamen Rider Decade : Super Shocker in the Grand Finale movie Final Chapter. The Legend of Zelda ended on a happy note: Ganon's dead, Link has the Triforce, Zelda's free, and Hyrule is back under its original rulers. When the Emperor was killed, those factions had no supreme leader holding their allegiance anymore, and many different regional governors had different ideas about succession and policy. Web Comics The B-Movie Comic 's this movie features an old Nazi garrison on the island of Toblerone. In many cases they were conducting guerilla warfare until the eighties. They are declared a rebel group and wiped out over the course of the game.

She managed to escape Dian's fate and many years later saw an opportunity to unseal him using the power of the Jewelpets who got lost on Earth; this is what the heroes try to stop during the first half of the show. Another example would be Simon Gruber's unit of East German Special Forces from Die Hard with a Vengeance, who were trained to speak fluent English for infiltration operations and were disbanded after the Soviet Union fell. An organisation called the Meibion Glyndwr Sons of Glyndwr still exists today, although dormant, in the way a rump IRA continued between the War of Independence in 1921 (only to leap into active life again in 1969). Played with throughout the series. Fighting in an inaccessible area, they don't realise that their forces elsewhere have collapsed and that they are now encircled.

This was dropped when the war continued long after the Iraqi dictator was executed. Unusually for such a trope, though they are clearly the antagonists to Maximus' protagonist, Maximus shows respect for their capabilities, sympathy for them, and seems to hope that Rome wouldn't give up even against such hopeless odds. The Expanded Universe and gaiden games include several other Covenant remnants unrelated to the one we see in 4 and 5, such as the Keepers of the One Freedom (who are unique in their relative tolerance towards humanity). In Man of Steel, Zod and his followers position themselves as the sole remnant of the Kryptonian civilization and seek to restore. In Dragon Ball Z,. Chrono Trigger features a few incarnations of forces from the past in later eras. The Scarlet Crusade see themselves as righteous successors of the kingdom of Lordaeron, which was destroyed by the Scourge in Warcraft III. Dejected Warp factor 4,. In StarCraft, the Confederacy just won't seem to go away after being defeated by Arcturus Mengsk. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt : In the Hearts of Stone expansion, Geralt can encounter a remnant of the Order of the Flaming Rose.

Je suis Valentine, jeune femme trans de 24 ans, 1m78. The trollish tribes such as the Amani or Gurubashi are actually the remnants of ancient, mighty empires. These cities do no longer play to win and are hostile to everyone, except other neutrals. Because the Empire was so huge, a government in control of twenty planets is only a tiny remnant of the real thing. Of particular note is the Battle of New Orleans, fought January 8, 1815, as the Americans' overwhelming victory both compelled the British to abide by the terms of the treaty and propelled Major General Andrew Jackson to a successful run at the presidency. When, after some outside prodding, they do, and the point of the queen also being Asturian nobility is mentioned, tensions ease noticeably. Clovis' consolidation of power and territory would lay the foundations for the medieval French monarchy. In A Song of Ice and Fire by George.R. When her latest master plan failed, she turned over leadership to Admiral Pallaeon, who ruled the still-unified Empire in a kind of military junta with a group of civilian Moffs as an advisory council, a situation that.

Transnistria (an unrecognised but de facto independent breakaway state within the territory of Moldova) may similarly be considered a Remnant of the Soviet Union, continuing to operate a literal Soviet government (although not communist and using the associated iconography. Since JWA was a men company, The All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling Club was the cornerstone of an association set up to oversee multiple women's pro wrestling companies after the wwwa stopped by on their world tour and proved women wrestlers could draw. This failed, and she simply had them all killed and took over the whole shebang pretty much by default. Radio Used as the punchline for the version of Douglas Adams 'Kamikaze' sketch that was broadcast on BBC comedy show The Burkiss Way in 1977: Pilot : I stand by what I said! Does it matter now which one was right? Their only city has been destroyed, their once proud navy is down to one Great Ship, and their leader, Grand Admiral Caspian, was crippled in the last fight against the Big Bad. The Deadlands supplement South o' the Border includes the San Patrico Battalion: a group of Americans who fought for Mexico in the Mexican-American War who now roam the badlands of the Confederacy and northern Mexico. Notably, the original leadership of the group wanted to continue fighting the US directly (even planning U-Boat attacks on the West Coast but General Rausseman realized this was moronic, took over, and reorganized the group to abandon Nazism as an ideology.

In 1589, King Henry of Navarre succeeded to the French throne. The tone of Elder Maxison's terminal entries make it sound as if the East coast chapter of the Brotherhood is by far the most active chapter and that the Brotherhood as a whole depends on them. During the Wars of the Roses, Calais gained an infamous reputation for being The Remnant of whichever faction was out of power at the time. Jackson Boomer and his gang of Confederate renegades who are seeking the horn of Lucifer in order to raise an undead Confederate army. In 1512, Spain conquered virtually all of Navarre except for a tiny portion north of the Pyrenees, where the former Kings of Navarre remained as a kind of government in exile. However, this fails to stop several Taiidan warlords and splinter factions from trying to attack the still vulnerable ex-capital and try to establish the empire again.

What little habitable land was left was mostly taken over by the Argonians, while only a few northern areas of House Redoran territory remain. The Principality of Liechtenstein has been described as the last functioning remnant of the Holy Roman Empire, having survived both Napoleon Bonaparte 's dissolution of said Empire and the later collapse of Austria-Hungary in World War. PhpBB 3 est devenu le nouveau standard des versions de forums. The villains in Dead Again in Tombstone are Col. The Principality of Zeon, from Mobile Suit Gundam, has scads of these; there are at least five separate groups that appear in the animation, and it's implied that there are more. After they manage to convince him that the Cold War has been over for a while, he goes into a Heroic BSoD when he realizes his superiors had long forgotten about him and he had been fighting for nothing. The Spirit Cats are the remains of Clan Nova Cat, who were destroyed by the Draconis Combine. The crew of the Minbari warship Trigati in Babylon.

Fallout 3 features the Chinese Remnant, ghoulified pre-War Chinese infiltrators lurking in the ruins of Washington.C. The Japanese Liberation Front was the remnant of the old Japanese army until the Black Knights absorbed them. The Covenant fighting on the planet Genesis are the remnants of the remnant, with the Arbiter having rooted them out of their last stronghold on Sanghelios. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade has this as well with Eubans's mercenaries, who fight Eliwood and Hector despite being completely aware that the lords have already killed their employer. By the time of the third game, the faction lost almost all of its power due to the political schemes of King Radovid. It's made clear that they are driven by unhappiness over their newly reduced status as refugees in the United States. It was actually all a front by Bosch, who really wanted an excuse to plunder some Vasudan ruins and revive an abandoned Terran project to communicate with the Shivans.

One man's Resistance is another man's Remnant. Western Animation The Archer Season 6 opener, appropriately enough titled "The Holdout has Archer encounter Kintaru Sato, a Japanese officer defending an isolated island in the South Pacific decades after the Second World War ended. This lasted until Admiral Daala resurfaced and brought together most of these leaders to hash out an Imperial alliance that could strike back at the Rebellion. Mal : War's long done. Good guys who do this are. In Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, Tarzan encounters two feuding groups of Knights Templar, neither of whom know that the Crusades are over. Cato and Scipio take over but they are defeated in Africa. In the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels set in the Legends continuity, the Empire (referred to as the " Imperial Remnant continues to be the major antagonist despite the Emperor himself dying in the Battle of Endor.

Why won't the Imperials just surrender? The story clearly establishes that legally, the village is Roman, and the characters even exploit this when being part of the Roman Empire would be helpful to them. As of the "Rise of the Zandalari" patch, these remnants have united under the Zandalar tribe, the oldest troll civilization, in a last-ditch effort to reverse their race's decline and build a civilization capable of surviving their island home's destruction. When a German cargo ship encounters the sub and tells them that Germany has surrendered and the war is over, the Nazi Party fuctionary in charge of the submarine promptly torpedoes the cargo ship. The Kiheitai in Gintama is a revolutionary army that seeks to violently drive the Amanto aliens out of Japan, even if it means that Japan will be destroyed in the process. The New Avengers : In "K is for Kill a cadre of Soviet soldiers are accidentally awoken from their cryogenic sleep and embark on following their original Cold War orders; attacking several former military targets that have been abandoned for decades. Pilot : Well The war ended thirty-two years ago, Sir! Joe (2016), splinters of Cobra that survived their collapse at the end.I. In an episode of Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures, the heroes have to contend with a crazy group who somehow think The American Revolution is still going.

The Elder Scrolls Following the events of Morrowind, the Oblivion Crisis, the Red Year, and finally the subsequent Argonian Invasion, Dunmer -controlled Morrowind has become this. Granted it won't resurrect their commander, but they'll get their territory back. The player could actually become a remnant soldier in the online mode of the game Chromehounds. In Torchwood, the Torchwood Institute was once a massive organisation with access of powerful aliens weapons and talking about rebuilding the British Empire. The Damned is about a group of Nazis and Nazi collaborators who flee to South America in a U-boat in April 1945, hoping to set up The Remnant as German defeat looms in Europe. Japanese holdouts, also known as stragglers, were soldiers (usually stationed on small islands in the Philippines or up and down the Pacific coast) who either did not learn or did not believe that World War II was over, and Japan had surrendered. It hasn't stopped the remaining Kraken from trying to find ways to fight the Big Bad, and win this time. It was, in fact almost completely forgotten in its own home country by 1996.

In the 1970's and 80's, second homes in Wales bought by English-speakers were under threat of being firebombed. In Dynasty Warriors 8, the Jin Campaign's Alternate History storyline sees them defeating Shu and Wu halfway through. Paula_xxl, bombe atomique, Sublime, Incroyable, Venue d'un autre monde,. In The Years of Rice and Salt, although Western civilization is all but destroyed, a few fragments remain such as Georgia and New Norway. In Cthulhu Armageddon, the government of New Arkham styles itself as the official United States Remnant. Real Life As are any counterrevolutionaries. Note that for a while, he was The Remnant it's mentioned in various sources that he fought on at Serenity Valley with his troops for several weeks after the leaders of the Independents stopped fighting and began negotiating terms of surrender.

He does grow out of this role when he joins up with the heroes, and eventually ends up as the supreme commander of the galactic federation fleet. The "Peekaboo Bandit" from Airboy : Deadeye. The French OAS, consisting of disgruntled military leaders, pied noirs (descendents of European settlers) and far-right extremists, attempted to continue the Algerian War even after Charles De Gaulle began negotiations with the FLN. It doesn't go so well this time. Stuart and his team of mercenaries from Die Hard 2 who think their government backed the wrong side. After the Boer Wars, there were still groups of Boer guerrillas roaming the South African countryside; they were known as Bitter-Enders and refused to admit defeat against British forces.

In the Halloween Unspectacular series, the main antagonists of the second Myth Arc are an organization called purity, which has its origins in a group of Nazi military officials who fled to a secret base in Alaska after losing the war. The reinforcements never reach the Venusian surface. After the CZW conflict was officially settled by Homicide, CZW's Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli and Necro Butcher continued to cause problems at Ring of Honor shows. The Federation (or, the Good King in fantasy, where this trope's rarer but not unknown). La Résistance that formed from the remains. The Fort Charlotte Brigade from Jonah Hex (although they also have a personal axe to grind with Jonah). Travesti passive, docile, gourmande, sensuelle, gentille. All this flying out and crashing into British and American ships It's all wrong, sir! Les utilisateurs aiment cette version car elle apporte de nombreuses fonctionnalités tout en restant simple d'utilisation.

The OpFor fought in the US Marine campaign of the first game is also reduced to an insurgency by the start of Modern Warfare 2, lacking all the heavy equipment they once had and forced to fight like guerillas. Or he might be the newest version of the second in command of Cosmo Entelecheia. It's not drawn attention to, but the Red Ribbon Army iconography is notable on all of Gero's androids except Cell. When trying to convince him, Archer shows him, among other things, an episode of a decades-old TV show dealing with the exact same situation. And yet, they proudly refuse all Roman identity, did something to the Roman taxman so he would never come back there again, and any Romans approaching the village get beaten to a paste. Fan Works In Repairs, Retrofits and Upgrades, Kuvira's supporters continue to uphold the ideals of the Earth Empire and defend its territory despite her being captured and abandoning her ambitions. Of course, this is all Played for Laughs. The Cadian Regiments still exist as a fighting force due to evacuated civilians and other deployments across the galaxy but Cadian recruits will be a bit hard to come by now. For that matter, British monarchs continued styling themselves King/Queen of France well into the 18th Century.

With Splinter's death, Leo heads the clan now. After Arthas' death at the end of Wrath of the Lich King, Bolvar Fordragon becomes the new Lich King in order to keep the Scourge in check. The Divine Crusaders in Super Robot Wars Original Generation show up again in the sequel as the Neo DC, and then again in the Gaiden Game. They are described as not willing to surrender at the end of the Civil War, and now work as mercenaries south of the border. Except for T'Ket, who swears she will continue to fight against the Klingon-Federation-Romulan Alliance (and since the Heralds are all sworn to one specific Iconian or the other she does have an army to continue to fight with). When he surrendered, he still had his army sword and original issue rifle in full-working order.

The Golden Company are mercenaries composed largely of descendants of losers of the Blackfyre Rebellion. Then I shall follow the Primary Order! The Guild's sorry state is due to Mercer Frey's betrayal. It spent most of the intervening time getting months-old bad news occasionally whenever it would raid "enemy" shipping. The Stark children become this early in the series when their most prominent members are either dead or missing, their army is scattered, their household is ruined and family members are exiled by the crown, and their family. Hermann Detzner was a German engineer who surrendered to Australian forces in New Guinea on January 5, 1919, two months after Germany signed the Armistice of Compiègne and four years and four months after the Australians conquered the German colony's capital. In the first game, is a Vasudan group calling themselves "The Hammer of Light" who refuse to accept their government's cease-fire with the Galactic Terran Alliance, and believe that the genocidal Shivans are a prophesized god-race. They're surprisingly effective and achieve their goal quickly. The survivors, few in number and cut off from the Sunwell, took to naming themselves Blood Elves in remembrance of their fallen.

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While the Tal Shiar starts out as State Sec crossed with de-facto rule of the Romulan Star Empire note it's not really The Man Behind the Man since it's common knowledge that the relationship between the Tal Shiar and. A small group of Rockets post-disappearance are fought in the Extended Gameplay of the Red and Blue remakes, FireRed and LeafGreen ; it's implied that the last ones you fight are the same people who go on to lead the efforts in Gold and Silver. The Godfather : The Game counts an enemy Family as wiped out once you bomb and take over their Compound, but any Legitimate Businessmens Social Clubs that you have yet to take over still shows as under their control. Re-enactments, Launchpad McQuack, and hot air balloons are involved. Kings of Spain still claim the title "King of Jerusalem as in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, established (and destroyed) during the Crusades. Video Games The Eruseans from Ace Combat do this twice. The Fantastic Racism is still (mostly) gone though. That said, the game hints that there are probably more Enclave holdouts in the Midwest, such as the Chicago outpost visited by ED-E. In a number of cases, this happens because nobody on either side has yet been informed that the war is over. Web Original Common, but usually not very important in Ad Astra Per Aspera.

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Eventually, the pursuer hijacks the Enterprise to try to return the fugitive to their home planet to face trial only to find that the planet had destroyed itself in the race war. Stannis is this as far as the War of the Five Kings is concerned, as of Season. It helps that the Divine Crusaders are a walking Shout-Out to Zeon, and that they had help from another faction. The Dark Eldar is building up their own empire and sees itself as the remnant of the original Eldar empire. In early 1995, when Bruce Wayne finally returned to Gotham City to officially be Batman again after a two-year absence (it's a long story), the first enemies he found himself and Robin having to combat were the Troika. The Sympathizer : South Vietnamese anti-Communist expatriates living in California after the fall of Saigon decide to raise an army to reconquer their homeland. In a much smaller example, there were two separate soldiers who crashed on two different essentially uninhabited jungle planets and didn't hear that their war was over for some twenty years. In Gimlet Mops Up.E. The Free City of Volantis sees itself as the Remnant of the Valyrian Freehold and once tried to restore it under its leadership but failed.

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Comic Books In "The War That Never Ended!" in Adventure Comics #255, Green Arrow and Speedy are stranded on a Pacific island that is still inhabited by Japanese soldiers who do not know that wwii is over. Despite being separated from their command, the Terran Republic is still a powerful force that equals the New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty in strength. Fairly common in European history. Conrad Marburg's Deus Vult is one such organization, and though it's not outright stated, it is strongly hinted that G22 is actually the remnant of a previous iteration of Alpha Protocol known as G19. Several are Still Wearing the Old Colors. That's what happens when you cut off the head of the snake. The Last Samurai has Nathan and Katsumoto's samurais fighting against the Meiji government. They are known as the "Army of New Virginia but most people simply call them "Confederados". In "Okuyyuki", Captain Reilly goes to Iraq expecting to fight Saddam's army, but ends up facing these instead: diehards, Islamic volunteers and various disorganized remnants. The Transformers: Robots in Disguise : Presents a more conventional example with Soundwave gathering up many of the A-lister cons, including the remaining members of the Earth Infiltration team, throwing their lot in with Galvatron, and heading. Obelix is horrified by any suggestion of compromise and considers it trampling on the memory of Vercingetorix, with the implication that most of the other villagers agree with this. What remains of Imperial loyalist forces are almost too weak for this trope when Sela returns the escort force they manage to gather consists of an armed freighter and a Mogai warbird (a mid-size warship). They do spend most of the Mini Series trying to figure out who is in charge and getting the ship re-armed so they can get back into the fight, it isn't until the end that Roslin convinces Adama that running away is the better option. "The Ritual To Return The World To Nothing". Interestingly, and very unusually for this trope, if left to their own devices they'll actually win. Happened during the War of 1812 due to the amount of time it took for information to travel in those days; the treaty ending the war was signed in December 1814 but combat continued into the following year. In 1922 he turned up in Central Asia organizing Muslim tribes in the hope of recreating the Ottoman Empire from scratch, in the midst of the Soviet Union no less. The Spanish garrison in Baler, Philippines bunkered in the local church and resisted the siege by Filipino forces until June 2, 1899, missing out the Spanish-American War completely. It didn't work out. The remnant of his empire is losing planets at a rapid rate to the point that what little is left decides to resurrect him as a last resort to restore the fear of them they need to keep the Empire afloat. He immediately joined Atatürk's forces upon his release and fought against the invading Greek and French armies in the Turkish War of Independence. The opening mission of Star Fox: Assault has you destroying the last remnants of the Venom army before you move up in the Sorting Algorithm of Evil. Open/close all folders Anime And Manga After War Gundam X has the New Earth Federation start to make trouble about a third of the way through as they campaign to "unify" (read: conquer) the emerging new nations. The Anointed One's army in Season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They have two objectives: to keep Hyrule weak enough that it can be reconquered easily, and to draw out Link so they can sacrifice him and get their master back. Julius Nepos continued to address himself as 'Emperor ruling from the province of Dalmatia french video x escort girl vendée in the Balkans until his death in AD 480. In the Star Trek: The Original Series "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield the crew encounter an alien fugitive with the right side of his body colored white and the left colored black.

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